Pipeline Warning Mat

Pipeline warning mats are used for underground trenches 200mm above utilities like gas line, electric power cable line, telecommunication cable line, optical fiber line, water pipeline, drainage water pipeline, petroleum pipelines, etc. Such mats allow excavation workers to identify the utilities beneath a particular underground point. Our pipeline warning mats comply with the ISO and EN standards. It shields the underground pipelines from the running high tension wire. More so, these mats create an interference electromagnetic field and prevent all sorts of pipeline corrosion. Warnmat’s pipeline warning mat is flexible padding, specially designed for protecting pipelines from any deterioration. It surrounds the channels with a tough coating without interacting with the cathodic protection system. Their unique flat surface doesn’t trouble the pipelines, and it works with coal tar or asphalt enamel pipes as well.

Optical Fiber Warning Mat

The optical fiber warning mat is a marker tape printed on both sides with warning information for marking the underground optical fibers, quickly warning the workers about the cables and fibers’ existence before they damage anything. These warning mats are resistant to water, UV-rays, high tension, and corrosion and stay compliant for a long duration. Our optical fiber warning mat is made from polyethylene, manufactured in yellow color. However, we do supply other colors as per the customer’s discretion. The size and warning information on the mat is subjective to our clients. The caution message printed is visible from great heights. Additionally, they don’t tear even under high pressure. They are easily identifiable, visual, and tested for optimum performance.

Detectable Warning Mat

Detectable Warning Mats manufactured using urethane compound, which is the same material used for the bumper systems on cars. The raw material is molded into a durable mat in a pattern that alerts the visually impaired persons of the ahead danger. This platform is easily detectable by foot or cane. It can easily withstand heavy foot traffic, people walking the surface, or crossing adjoining vehicular paths without any curb, wall, or railing. The mat alerts visually impaired people about their movement from a safe area to a potentially dangerous one. Available in different colors and sizes, the detectable warning mat is a visual contrast for pedestrian surfaces. More so, the dateable warning mats are slip-resistant, even when they’re wet. They aren’t affected by chemicals and ice-melting pellets.

Anti-Rodent Warning Mat

Warnmat’s Anti-rodent warning mat is a readymade solution to prevent rodent attacks of cables, wires, fibers, and other valuable properties. We offer the best anti-rodent warning mats at industry-leading prices, manufactured using quality materials. These warning mats shield against rodent attacks and are non-toxic, non-hazardous, eco-friendly, and OSHA compliant. Our anti-rodent warning mat works on the repellence concept., a tape that doesn’t break at all. Additionally, it is highly resistant to minerals, acids, salts, and alkalis. These warning mats also include a caution message to warn underground workers of the utilities below and stop excavating immediately. Their polyethylene nature maintains its clean look and doesn’t interact with sound, wet or dry surfaces. It can handle all sorts of tensions underground, even the most strenuous conditions.

Underground Warning Mat

Underground warning mat is a colored plastic mesh used by the buried subterrene services. It is an extruded mat manufactured and tested to match the industrial needs, installed underground, and used as a warning sign for excavation workers. These are brightly colored plastic in which the middle strip of the mat prints a warning message for easy recognition by crews and makes a perfect signal. This underground warning mat is manufactured from virgin homopolymer polypropylene. Custom prints can be added to the mat later, depending on your requirements and order quantities. These mats are available in every size, color, or language, depending on your specification and manufacturing needs. These mats are added to items underground, stating the perilousness of an activity conducted post that height