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Underground Cable Protection Cover

Underground Cable Protection Cover

Underground Cable Protection Cover is used for identification, location and protection of the electrical appliances.
Also, this tape can be used in various places related to warning them for any electrical appliance. These
tapes are Non-delectable, scratchproof and UV safe. Along with it, they are also made from printing
accessible materials and Resists, degradation from acid and alkali found in soils.

Underground Cable Protection Cover is a substantial assurance item produced from high effect virgin/medium effect reused polyethylene.

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We are India’s largest Cable Protection Tile Tape Manufacturer, thus we are fully prepared to meet any demand of any size. For the last three decades, we have ruled the business as the most trusted Cable protection Tile tape Manufacturer in India. We understand your wants and emergencies for cable protection tile tape. As a result, we provide cable protection tiles in two different grades: Premium and Economy.

Our cable protection Tile tapes are suitable protection for all types of underground Electric lines from 11kv to 400kv since they are extremely tough and have good resistance to impact and chemicals. Our Cable Protection Tile Tape comes with a peg, which allows for robust longitudinal connecting and continuous protection.