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Anti-Rodent Warning Mat

Warnmat’s Anti-rodent warning mat is a readymade solution to prevent rodent attacks of cables, wires, fibers, and other valuable properties. We offer the best anti-rodent warning mats at industry-leading prices, manufactured using quality materials. These warning mats shield against rodent attacks and are non-toxic, non-hazardous, eco-friendly, and OSHA compliant. Our anti-rodent warning mat works on the repellence concept., a tape that doesn’t break at all. Additionally, it is highly resistant to minerals, acids, salts, and alkalis. These warning mats also include a caution message to warn underground workers of the utilities below and stop excavating immediately. Their polyethylene nature maintains its clean look and doesn’t interact with sound, wet or dry surfaces. It can handle all sorts of tensions underground, even the most strenuous conditions.