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Underground caution tapes can save your pipelines from future damages. Know how?

Pipeline infrastructure is critical to the functioning of our country. Most individuals are unaware of how frequently they use items that are transported to them using pipelines. Most of these carry oil and natural gas which is an essential item for anyone today. They are used for heating and cooling, as well as a source of heat for stoves, ovens, and clothes dryers. They also assist in the operation and powering of machinery used in the manufacture of everyday household products.

Pipelines are the most convenient, efficient, and cost-effective way of transferring liquids such as petroleum, petroleum products, natural gas, water, and the like. Solids can also be carried through pipelines after being converted into a slurry. Pipeline transportation is a novel phenomenon in India. Since their introduction, they have alleviated the rising strain on the existing surface transportation system (railways and roadways). Though the initial cost of laying pipes is hefty, the low ongoing costs incurred during pipeline operation make them a profitable alternative for businesses.

One of the major downsides of using pipelines for material transportation is that the pipelines are susceptible to damage by external forces such as excavators. When these damages occur, the service of these lines is halted everywhere these pipelines go. Professionals in the profession have observed that the majority of the time, these damages are unintentional. Excavators only dig into utility lines when they do not find any indication of the presence of these utility wires nearby.

How Can We Protect Pipelines From Unintentional Damage?

Damage to pipelines causes problems not only for the company that handles the pipeline but also to the workers who caused the damage to the pipeline, because when pipelines containing flammables or electricity cables get damaged, they end up exploding, injuring all workers around the pipeline. The placement of underground warning tapes over these lines has been shown to be an effective method of preventing these damages and the accidents that arise from them.

How Underground Tapes Can Protect The Pipelines?

The protection of underground tapes is imparted to the pipelines at the time they were buried under the ground. Underground caution tapes do not strengthen the tear or puncture resistance of pipes, but rather serve as a warning indication to workers on the job site not to dig any farther.

These tapes are buried a few feet above the underground pipelines in order to stop the digger at the appropriate time by informing him or her of the risk the worker would face if he or she continued digging.

These tapes come in the following two types:

  1. Detectable warning tape
  2. Non detectable warning tape

Detectable warning tapes are used over those pipelines that cannot be detected by any metal detectors. The presence of metal in these tapes helps the worker in detecting the lines which do not any metal in them. Non detectable serve the purpose of indication only since they are used over those pipelines, the location of which can already be detected by any metal detector.

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