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When to use Underground Caution Tape?

Underground caution tape is a colored, non-adhesive film manufactured using low-density polyethylene and mostly printed with a message to caution or warn the presence of buried utilities like electric cables, fiber optic cables, gas pipelines, water pipelines, telecommunication wires, etc. Such underground warning tapes have a purpose, aid the excavation crew in detecting, locating, identifying, and protecting buried lines. These tapes come in different widths, sizes, and colors, easy to customize depending on your requirements.

Underground cautions tapes are installed above the service line at a specified distance so that future excavators be wary of the cable or the pipeline beneath. These serve as a visual warning to the crew and prevent a disaster from happening. They do not protect you from anything or offer any resistance to further excavation. You can always look for an underground caution tape manufacturer that provides tapes that not just provide physical barriers to the excavators but provide protection as well.

How does it work?

Underground caution tapes are made of polyethylene material, which is highly resistant to heat, stress, tension, UV-rays, water, and rodents. They are of a color that is easily visible from a distant location. When used correctly, they mitigate the risk of dangerously or unknowingly digging through the wires and lines and result in a catastrophic event. Avoiding such dig-ins removes all the costly service interruptions and unnecessary repair expenses. And most importantly, they keep your evacuation crew safe from any danger and harm.

The different types of Underground warning tapes

Underground caution tapes use color codes to communicate the type of buried material within. Underground caution tapes conform to the uniform color standard created by the American Public Association and are followed everywhere for warning tapes. Color codes for different types of buried utilities include:

• White for excavation in process
• Red for cables, conduit, electric power lines
• Pink for survey markings
• Orange for communication, alarm, signal lines conduits
• Yellow for underground gaseous substances, steam, petroleum, gas, and oil
• Purple for reclaimed water lines, irrigation, and slurry lines
• Blue for drinking water
• Green for sewers and drainage lines

This marking guide provides you with universal color codes to prevent accidents, damage, or service faults. Having the ability to locate underground lines without digging is advantageous for finding utilities within or avoiding them during excavation.

Why are underground caution tapes?

Underground caution tapes help you locate the lines below and prevent any damage to the already installed utilities. When excavating, if you do not find these lines first, you might face several injuries, repair costs, fines, and unneeded outages. As per a report, someone damages an underground utility line because they didn’t locate it first every 6 minutes.

Using such tapes during your construction process helps you find the utilities and avoid any expensive or dangerous catastrophic event.

Where are these underground caution tapes used?

These tapes can be custom manufactured in different colors and printed with several messages and logos for identification purposes. These are used in underground electric cables, telecom, fiber optic cables, gas pipelines, water lines, and sewer pipelines.