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Top Ways to Find Best non detectable warning tape manufacturer in India

Finding the perfect manufacturer that provides you with quality material is essential for any service. The manufacturer should be reliable and understand your needs well. Underground warning tapes are buried directly above underground utility lines. These lines are indicative of possible danger to warn the workers to avoid accidental dig-ins.These dangers could be related to accidental digging in around gas, electrical, water, or oil pipelines.

This can prevent unfortunate events that can be dangerous to the lives of the workers and costly repair expenses or service interruptions. Hence it becomes a moral as well as economic responsibility of personnel involved in business that layout these cables to make sure of warning the workers.

The right manufacturer understands the importance of non-detectable warning tape and will take care of all the essential parameters. Selecting a manufacturer is an important part of the whole buying process involving these wires. Hence we explore the top ways that can help you find the right one.

Search online 

With most businesses going online, searching for your requirements online can help you start. You can check out the various websites on the possible manufacturers that you are considering. In case you don’t have anyone in mind you can just start with an online query. This will bring to you all the companies in your neighborhood. This is the biggest advantage of searching online, you will see most shops that are closer to you. If you don’t find the relevant information you can contact their customer service numbers.

Visit offline

If offline is what you prefer then these are the following factors that you should consider while choosing a non-detectable warning tape manufacturer in Delhi, India-

  • Color conformation-Such tapes follow a certain set of rules which are mainly in consideration with the color scheme. Different colors can indicate different signs.

This conformation is set by the American Public Works Association (APWA) for warning tapes.

  1. White -For proposed or suggested evacuation
  2. Red -Electric Power Lines, Cables, Conduit, fire, catholic protection and Lighting Cables
  3. Yellow -Gas, Petroleum or Gaseous Materials
  4.   Pink-Temporary survey markings
  5. Orange – Communication like fiber optic or telephone, Alarm or Signal              Lines, Cable or Conduit.
  6. purple -reclaimed water, slurry lines, irrigation, Nonportable
  7. blue -potable water
  8. green -drain lines, sewers, Storm Drain, Force Main
  •  Size of lettering-If you have a particular requirement for the size you should communicate in advance. The general standards are at least 1 inch
  • Depth range-If the lines that you dig in are particular to a certain environment you should specify this in advance. For example for a certain business you may be requiring alkali and acid resistant soil more than for some others.
  • Durability-It is important to know how long the tapes can handle the environment as you may need to replace them accordingly.

Ask for samples you can always ask the proposed manufacturers to show them your samples that will make you understand their quality in much more depth.

Conclusion-You should start searching for your manufacturer online and from there get an idea of the market. Remember if you are purchasing for larger quantities it is advisable to go to their shop once if possible. This will make sure that you can determine the genuineness. Don’t forget to get the best price quotes through friend’s referrals or other offers.