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Some Important Facts Before Contracting Reliance Jio Warning Tape Suppliers in India

Reliance Jio Warning Tape Suppliers In India

The growth of Reliance Jio has been phenomenal since its debut in India’s telecom sector. Today, the connectivity of this network is present at every urban location and the organization is making every effort to expand its reach to every single corner of our nation. To fulfill this aspiration, the company is expanding its reach by expanding its transport network which is generally formed by a network of optical fiber cables. If you’re supervising one such expansion of Reliance Jio network underground cables and are looking for Reliance Jio Warning tape suppliers in India to make a bulk purchase of Warning tapes for your project then check out this Reliance Jio Warning tape Supplier in India.

This Reliance Jio Warning tape supplier supplies its Warning tapes to the buyers of Reliance Jio Warning tapes all across India. Thus, regardless of the location of your business in India, you can buy Reliance Jio Warning tapes from this Reliance Jio Warning tape supplier in India if your order meets the supplier’s minimum order criteria.

Since the beginning of this blog, you may have read one phrase so many times that is Warning tapes. So what exactly are warning tapes?

What Are Warning Tapes?

Warning tapes or more specifically Underground Warning tapes are pipeline-marking materials that are laid at a distance above the buried or subsurface pipelines, mains, ducts, sewers, and, of course, cables. These tapes are fluorescent in color and have large, bold warning text to alert the excavator about the kind of utility line laid below these tapes.

These tapes come in two types:

  • Detectable warning tape
  • Non- Detectable warning tape

The kind of pipeline they will indicate determines the point of application for each of these types. All the utility having a metallic presence in them or can be easily detected by a sophisticated radio and metal detector are marked by non-detectable tape whereas the lines that do possess any metallic element in them or are placed at depth under the ground from which its presence can’t be felt by detectors are marked with detectable tape.

What Differentiates Reliance Jio Detectable Warning Tape And Reliance Jio Non-Detectable Warning Tapes?

A metallic line that is placed between the polyethylene layers of Reliance Jio warning tapes differentiates a Reliance Jio Detectable warning tape from a Reliance Jio non-detectable Warning tape.

Why Is There A Need To Place A Warning Tape Over A Line That Is Already Detectable?

All pipelines with metallic properties or cables radiating EM waves can be easily identified by hovering an industrial-grade metal detector or radio wave defecators over the area where they were buried. However, detectors won’t give you accurate information about the depth at which the lines are placed. That is why a non-detectable tape is placed at a certain depth above the utility line to safely and timely alert the excavator not to do further digging since that can damage the underground line and, perhaps, injure the excavator too.

What Materials Are Used In The Making Of Reliance Jio Warning Tapes?

Polyethylene polymers are the most common basic materials utilized in the production of Reliance Jio caution tapes. A thread or strip of metals like aluminum or alloys like stainless steel is added between the polyethylene layers of the Reliance Jio detectable warning tape.

Even though such tapes are composed of polyethylene (a robust but non-biodegradable material), they are an environmentally responsible option because they are generally created from recycled polyethylene.

Here wraps our discussion of Reliance Jio’s warning tapes. Allow our notification tool to tell you whenever we produce a new post about warning tapes or caution tapes so you can learn more about them.