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Questions to Ask before Selecting a Right Reliance Jio Warning Tape supplier

Every buyer is full of questions when purchasing a product or service. Whether it is shopping for home or office. These questions may often not make sense in the long term purchase. Hence to rule this out, you should ensure that you ask the appropriate set of questions. To ask the correct questions you should first be aware of the product so that you don’t look uninformed to the seller.

Reliance Jio Warning Tape is used in the installation of Reliance Jio optical fiber cable for their Jio 4g project. These warning tapes are installed to prevent accidental dig-ins to the cables. These tapes can prevent huge loss of revenue to your business. In the ongoing times where it has become hard to succeed in your venture and even harder to earn profits, every penny that you save will add your growth. Spending the resources on the correct processes can help.

Negligence of safety practices can lead to billions being wasted on something that could be done easily. These warning tapes do just this. With a minimal investment they can help you prevent accidents. This custom has grown quite recently as earlier practices of using paints were scrapped due to high maintenance costs involved. This will prevent you from asking your supplier why you need these tapes.

Having marked the importance of these orange-colored tapes used to indicate reliance transmission lines let us look at some questions that you should ask your manufacturer.

Authenticity-It would be mandatory to ensure that the tape that you purchase from a Reliance Jio Warning Tape supplier in India is made from the authentic quality of raw materials. The tape is orange in color and is in accordance with the rules from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ANSI. Orange is the color that is used for telecommunication cables’ warning.

These are made of virgin Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) these polymers have high tensile strength, higher impact and puncture resistance than LDPE.LLDPE is very flexible and possess good environmental stress cracking resistance. It also has good resistance to chemicals. It is used in this regard because of the above properties. The main reason for its use is its good electrical properties. These films maintain high strength and toughness.

These tapes are also waterproof to meet the varying conditions of the soil.

Customization available-This may sound obvious but may not be so. Although these underground caution tape have many things like color already set. You can still ask for the kind of customization that your manufacturer can provide in terms of length, width, and thickness. You will need to give an estimate to the manufacturer as there may be some rigidity in this.

Minimum quantity required-Your need will vary according to the area that you need it for. You need to keep in mind that the manufacturers may also have a minimum order that you need to give. This should not be a make or break deal in most cases as it would be a reasonable length. Still to rule out any ambiguity you should discuss this beforehand.

Languages available-These warning tapes provide the signs in both Hindi and English language till now. But if you need another language to be added you can ask the supplier if something can be done. Again this would be dependent on the area that you live in and what language is more commonly understood especially keeping in mind that your viewers would generally be construction workers.

Conclusion-The right manufacturer will give you the answers to all your questions and will provide you the details where ever possible. In addition, you should also ask the manufacturer about the time taken for delivery. Some might not provide an immediate delivery so you need to ensure it beforehand