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Provide 24 By 7 Protections to Your Subterranean Lines with an Effective Use of Warning Tapes

Warning Tape is used for detecting, locating, identifying, and protecting buried utility lines for gas, water, sewer, telecommunication, and electrical markets. The width of such tapes is usually determined by the size of, and depth at which the underground utility line is buried.

Warning tape works 24 hours a day and year-round without any need for electricity or any other form of energy.  Even if it is not inductively located during excavation, a warning tape provides a “stop-sign” effect that is highly visible to whoever is digging at the site.

Generic Dimensions of Warning Tapes

Underground warning tapes are usually supplied by warning tape suppliers in the following dimensions:

Width: 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″, or 12″

Length: 100m

Thickness:  0.50 mm (± 0.10 mm)

Warning tapes are manufactured using clear virgin polypropylene film which is then reverse printed and laminated to a solid aluminum foil or foldable rod core or, and then further laminated to a design for maximum visibility, and meets the prescribed Color-Code standard for identification of buried utilities.

Major Types of Warning Tapes

One can separate warning tapes from one another by applying one of the following two criteria:

  1. Classification on the basis of Color coding
  2. Classification on the basis of Nature of these tapes

Classification On The Basis Of Color Codes Followed Globally

Type of Warning tapes Warning
White Warning tape Proposed excavation
Red Warning tape Cables, electric power lines, conduit
Pink Warning tape Temporary survey markings
Orange Warning tape Communication, signal lines conduit, alarm
Yellow Warning tape Steam, petroleum, gas, oil, gaseous substances
Purple Warning tape Reclaimed water, slurry lines, irrigation
Blue Warning tape Potable water
Green Warning tape Drain lines and sewers


Classification On The Basis Of Nature of These Tapes

Warning tapes suppliers or manufacturers generally supply or manufacture warning tapes of the following two different natures:

  1. Detectable warning tape
  2. Non- detectable warning tape

Detectable Warning tape

This kind of warning tape is used over lines that can’t be detected from the ground otherwise. In short, Detectable Warning tapes are used over lines that aren’t metallic in nature. The metallic feature either in the form of metallic wire or metallic foil is introduced in these tapes during their manufacturing process. This metal makes the presence of such tape and thus the presence of subterranean line known to the excavator.

Non-detectable Warning tape

This kind of warning tape is used over lines that can be detected from the ground otherwise. In short, Detectable Warning tapes are used over lines that are metallic in nature and can be easily detected by the digger on the ground.

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