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Know How to Find Reliable barricade tape Supplier?

Finding a trusted source for procuring materials is seldom an easy task. These problems can easily be solved if you make a list of your requirements in detail. If you require barricade tapes for any purpose, this article will help you clear your doubts. 


The basics 

Barricade tapes or warning tapes or caution tapes are typically bright-colored tapes that are widely used to draw attention to a specific area or a hazard to be avoided. These are no adhesive tapes and can be easily reused. They could have warning signs such as DANGER, CAUTION, etc.

They could be employed for protecting cable or gas pips, to warn workers of a hazard or to indicate that an area needs to be cordoned off.

Factors that can help you to find a barricade Tape supplier in Delhi, India that you can trust

A: PURPOSE- This will define the kind of tape that you need to purchase. Primarily there are two ways that these tapes are classified those are color and usage.

Based on utility these can be divided into-

  1. Construction tape
  2. Police or Law Enforcement Tape
  3. Firefighter Tape
  4. Hazard/ Caution Tape
  5. Traffic Control Device Tape

While those based on color are

  1. Red- indicates a dangerous situation such as fire that translates into a stop sign.
  2. Orange- This would indicate a warning.
  3. Yellow-This is designated to caution such as in a restaurant to avoid slipping.
  4. Green-This color would mean that the place is for safety equipment.
  5. Blue- This will specify information signs.

You will need to find a supplier that sells the kind of tapes that you need. All suppliers may not have the color that you require.

B: Quality-The tapes will be exposed to harsh weather conditions hence it is equally important to know the raw materials used. This will help you determine what qualities the tape can offer.

  • The raw material used will also largely depend on your needs and there are a variety of these that are used. Usually polyethylene makes the best material for these tapes. Other materials could be nylon or polypropylene.
  • The tapes should also be tear-proof, durable, and pliable. Temperature resistance would also be required for a long-lasting tape.
  • OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration and ANSI are the two agencies that provide the guidelines for caution tapes. Hence it should be ensured that the tapes have been certified by these two organization’s standards.


C: Other factors- Additionally some other factors that could be seen common to most products are

  • Cost efficiency– If you want to buy in bulk, you can ask your supplier to give you accurate discounts. You should always ensure that you grab the best deal. Selecting the supplier would lowest cost would not be the ideal case but selecting the one that gives you the best quality at a reasonable rate would be the best option.
  • Company portfolio-These days it is easy to research a company online. All you got to do is look through their website and search for their company portfolio. This will give you an insight into how reliable the supplier is.


Conclusion-Knowing some factors and doing the basic homework about the product can go a long way. Taking the help of these factors can be advantageous to your purchase of warning tapes.