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Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Warning Mat, Caution Tape and Barricade Tapes

There are a variety of situations that necessitate extra precautions in terms of personal safety and security, and a variety of warning signs are employed to alert individuals to the danger.

All kinds of demarcation techniques are used to limit access to risky locations, from reflective signs to Warning mats to Caution tape. The brightly colored contrast such as red, yellow, orange, or blue of the warning mat or caution tape makes it easy to spot:.

When Warning Mats And Caution Tapes Are Used?

Warning Mats are most commonly used above underground utility lines such as high-voltage electric cables, telecommunication lines, and oil lines.

The most typical usage of caution tape is around or at construction sites, as well as at crime scenes when the police isolate a certain perimeter to prevent any effort at evidence tampering.

Additionally, caution tape or Barrication tapes can be used in locations where there is a significant risk of accidents. Moreover, Caution tape/barricade tape with particular warnings printed on it is used to notify inoperative machinery and appliances.

As a result, it’s not uncommon to see ‘danger of electrocution’ or other ‘scary’ warnings on caution tape obstructing your path along the street, causing you to stay a safe distance.

Check Out The Internationally Accepted Color Codes For Caution Tapes, Barricade Tapes And Warning Mats.

Color Codes of Warning Mat

Color Codes Of Warning Mat Warning
White Proposed excavation
Red  Cables, electric power lines, conduit
Pink Temporary survey markings
Orange Communication, signal lines conduit, alarm
Yellow  Steam, petroleum, gas, oil, gaseous substances
Purple Reclaimed water, slurry lines, irrigation
Blue Potable water
Green  Drain lines and sewers


Color Codes of Barricades Tapes

Colour combination of Barricade tapes Purpose
Red/White Fire Prevention And Protection Of Equipment.


Black / White Housekeeping And Aisle Marking.


Magenta / Yellow Radiation Hazards.


Green / White Safety And First Aid.


Blue / White Defective Machinery.


Orange / White Traffic And Caution Warnings.


Black / Yellow Physical Hazards



Color Codes of Caution Tapes

Red Danger Safety signs.
Stop Emergency stop button on machinery. Identification of fire equipment.
Fluorescent Orange/ Orange-Red Bio-safety Labels and containers for blood and infectious waste use these colors.
Yellow Caution Threats like Tripping, falling, and striking are marked with these tapes.
Orange Warning Parts of machinery or energized equipment that has the potential to cut, crush or kill someone.
Green Safety The first-aid kit’s placement. Location of personal protective equipment, are marked using barricade tapes of this color
Blue Information This color is used to identify information signs


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Some reputable and well-known barrication tape manufacturers are all open to modify their warning mats or barricade tape to meet the needs of their clients.

Building workers, public works corporations, mining companies, and other businesses frequently utilize caution tape or warning tape that is customized with the activity’s details and the company’s name.

Caution tape or warning mats are widely accessible in stores and may also be bought online; however, the only thing to keep in mind when having it personalized is the clarity of the warning. Starting with the customer’s color recommendations, the design incorporates pertinent information about the client.

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