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Barrication Tape: A cost effective way to idiot-proof a prohibited zone

Barrication tape, Caution tape is a brightly coloured tape (often with a two-tone pattern of contrasting yellow-black or red-white stripes or the words “Caution” or “Danger” in conspicuous typography) that is used to alert or draw attention to an area or circumstance involving a potential threat.

It acts as a minor barrier, preventing unintended entry into that area or situation and thus improving overall security.

Barricade tape is made of plastic materials that are flexible, robust, and tear-resistant, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, or nylon. Barricade tape always has a bright backdrop and bold warning text pre-printed on it. It’s also possible to buy plain barricade tape and personalise it with a message. When using custom barricade tape, however, caution should be exercised because barricade tape designs may be needed to comply with regulations in India.

Safety Color Coding 

The following chart represents the color codes of warnings and labels:

Red Danger Safety signs.
Stop Emergency stop button on machinery. Identification of fire equipment.
Fluorescent Orange/ Orange-Red Bio-safety Labels and containers for blood and infectious waste use these colours.
Yellow Caution Hazards include tripping, dropping, and hitting. Labels on cabinets read “Flammable, Keep Fire Away.” Explosive, corrosive, or unstable substance safety cans and containers.
Orange Warning Machinery or energised equipment parts that could cut, crush, or kill someone. Pulleys, gears, and other components inside of transmission guards
Green Safety The location of the first-aid kit. Location of protective gear, respirators, safety showers, and so on.
Blue Information Bulletin boards and signs. Warnings from the railroad about starting, using, or moving machinery that is being repaired.
Black, White, Yellow/ Combination of Black with White or Yellow Boundaries Markings for traffic or housekeeping. Borders, stairwells, and directions
Magenta/ Purple on Yellow Radiation Caution Radiation such as X-rays, alpha, beta, gamma, neutrons, and protons


Barricade tape colors speak louder than words

Barricade tape colors are as follows:

  1. Standard color for Fire Prevention and Protection Equipment: Red, white
  2. Standard color for Housekeeping and Aisle Marking : Black/white
  3.  Standard color for Radiation Hazards: Magenta, yellow
  4. Standard color for Safety and First Aid: Green, white
  5.  Standard color for Defective Machinery: Blue, white
  6. Standard color for Traffic and Caution Warning: Orange, white
  7. Standard color for for Physical Hazards: Black, yellow


Although the colours on your barricade tape have been selected for you, the wording has not. Hundreds of different barricade tape messages have been produced in a variety of languages. You can also buy barricade tape that has no labels or words on it. (Special orders of barricade tape are not a concern, but you’ll need to order a certain quantity from caution tape manufacturer to save money.)

For disposable tapes, the industry seems to have settled on three-inch-wide tape with a 1,000-foot length. Other sizes are available, including two, four, and six inches. The standard tape is two to four mm thick, non-adhesive, and made of polyethylene. Accessories for these tapes include dispensers, cases, and clips. Reusable tapes are usually made of polypropylene or nylon and are much thicker (up to 10 mm thick). Special tape is needed by specific industries, such as heavy paper tape used in paper and chemical plants. For those hard-to-reach areas, biodegradable tapes are becoming more acceptable.

For special cases or industry-specific issues, such as the police or military, tape variations occur. Barricade tapes, whether reflective or non-reflective, fluorescent or plain, sticky-backed or non-adhesive, are the most cost-effective safety aid you can ever buy.

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