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A Caution Tapes to Help You Stay Safe and Keep Others Safe

Caution tape, also known as barrier or barricade tape, is often used in areas where safety and health risks have been detected but are not immediately apparent to visitors.

Caution tape is usually used in combination with warning signs that show the existence of the threat, as well as any safety measures that might be necessary.

But have you ever wondered when it’s safe to go around (or under) caution tape? What if the tape simply says, “DANGER”? Is it permissible for you to cross the line? Caution tapes are put in place to keep you and others secure, whether you’re working on a small home project or a massive construction site with a roll strung across it.

Yellow caution tape, the most popular in the safety world, indicates that the region has less safety and health risks. This may include hoses or cables on the ground, noise, heavy machinery in use, or a crowded work environment, among other things. Unless there’s evidence to the contrary on the tape… “Enter, but proceed with caution,” says yellow caution tape.

Caution tapes that are red in colour, on the other hand, can indicate that there is an immediate or high-potential safety and health problem in the region. The word “Caution” can still be read on these tapes, but the word “Danger” is more common. Overhead loads, suspended loads, work being done overhead, high noise exposure, open holes, fall safety needed, confined space entry, and more are some of the immediate hazards. “Do not enter without authorization from the site supervisor,” says the red tape.

Which Color of Caution Tape Suits Your Need?

Caution tape is available in a variety of colours besides yellow and red, and understanding what the tape says will help you understand the threats in the region.

Color codes for caution tape have been specified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the United States of America. The requirements specify which coloured warning tape should be used for which hazards in the field. The following are the OSHA-mandated caution tape colours:

  1. For Fire prevention and protection equipment—red with white
  2. For Housekeeping and aisle marking—black with white
  3. For Radiation hazards—magenta with yellow
  4. For Safety and first aid—green with white
  5. For Defective machinery—blue with white
  6. For Traffic and caution warnings— orange with white
  7. For Physical hazards—black with yellow

The size, material, and weight of the warning tape to be used are determined by barricade tape manufacturers and are not governed by OSHA.

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