We offer our clients an exceptional range of Oil Pipeline Warning Tapes that is fabricated with utmost accuracy. The Oil Pipeline warning tape is of mainly green with black writing indicating that caution should be taken due to a buried Oil pipeline.



Oil Pipeline Warning Mat is fabricated from high effect virgin/medium effect reused Polyethylene-LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, and SPVC materials containing Antitermite and Antirodent added substances. Creature conduct considers have clarified that creatures are attracted to plastic items due to plastisize and their sweet-smelling scents, splendid hues and surfaces.Termites and rodents are available wherever and can bring about bunches of damage to plastic materials. In this manner NTR Warning Mat/Tape are created with strength Antitermite and Antirodent added substances which shields it from termites and rodents by repulsing them from the Electrical Cable Below Warning Mat. These are perfect for over laying Optical fiber and substantial electric links. Oil Pipeline Warning Mat are accessible in different width and thicknesses in type of move printed with any content and any dialect with different hues.


  • Width         : Standard width of Electrical Warning Tape is 150 mm and also available as per client  requirement.
  • Thickness : 125 micron to 1 mm
  • Material    : LLDPE(Linear low density polyethylene),Aluminium Foil,Laminated sheet.
  • Marking    : Custom marking will be available as per client requirement.
  • Length       : 500 meter/roll and depend on the client requirement.
  • Packing     : 2 roll/bag

Product Features

  • Different thicknesses of material accessible
  • Non-deletable, scratch e vidence and UV safe printing accessible
  • Unique material accessible any shading, size or dialect
  • Premium and economy grades accessible
  • Material - brilliant LDPE, HDPE, HM-HDPE, SPVC
  • High tensile strengthy
  • High effect resistance

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